Download Kill Shot Bravo Moded Apk for Android

Kill Shot Bravo is the single player shooter game available on your android devices. To play Kill Shot Bravo, go through the link below and get it on your smart phone. In this game, the player needs to complete special missions and each mission requires unique kind of weapons. The whole game play is very typical. You don’t need to move the character as only need to aim. Use your left thumb to focus and right thumb is needed for adjusting telescopic sight. This game isn’t offering something new but it is full of entertainment.

ü  Provide training to your soldiers and you need go through the missions around the world
ü  Finish the incomplete missions so you can enter the buildings which are being occupied. Protect them from any threat and save from the attacks of the enemies.
ü  Search the best gunman while moving in the surroundings and cover all the kill-shot
ü  Face various kinds of enemies. Each of them has unique skills and aims
ü  In PVP mode, practice your skills with other gun men in live ranking matches
ü  Soon become the hunter before being attacked
ü  Your heat meter need to be used to cover the threats of the enemy
ü  Search your target, aim and shoot
ü  You can also construct the strong alliances with other players. Help one another to get success after completion of the risky missions
ü  Search and shoot the enemies on their heads before they run away
ü  Your avatar can also be customized and receive Perks which will help you in the battle
ü  Unlock and receive cool equipment like helmets, uniforms body armor, goggles, gloves, face masks, boots and much more

ü  Updated: Jun 23, 2017
ü  Version: 3.0.2
ü   Size:  93.05 MB

Download link: