Download Castle Cats Moded Apk For Android Tablets and Mobiles

Castle cats are the game in which the player needs to manage the cat soldiers. Being the player, you are the leader of heroic cats. For playing Castle Cats, visit the given link below and enjoy the game. The guild of the cats needs to face the battle opposite to the evil powers like huge mice, wild dogs and threatening Necropug. The mysterious formula of alchemic will provide strength to your cats. The squad needs to be gathered so the nasty powers are challenged. The unique capabilities of the cats must be applied in these battles. The new heroes are unlocked, train them new skills and progress their traits. The whole game is full of curiosity. In the game, the cats are cute as well as heroic which is definitely attracting the cat lovers towards it. The story line of the game is fun to follow. The players can easily get addicted to it and kills the time. Of course, it is among the best games ever. 

ü  Select the cats from the 60 different cats. Each and every cat has special skills and characteristics
ü  Send them on the quests to get Catania back
ü  Alchemy need to be used to shape the special cats for your league
ü  Spend the wealth which you have earned by hard work for improving and indulging your cat heroes
ü  The cats fly and get into the casual frenzies so need to deal with it
ü  The Evil Pugomancer need to be faced. Start the battles or stay relaxed as it totally depends on you
ü  Join the events held on weekly basis with latest heroes and extra story quests
ü  Amazing upgrading of the characters

ü  Updated: Jun 20, 2017
ü  Version: 1.4.7
ü   Size:  60.17 MB

Download link:

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