Download Pokémon GO Moded Apk for Android

Pokémon Go is the first game introduced in android games by the franchise of Pokémon. Click the below link and start playing this amazing game. This game is brought in the world of android by Niantic who were the developers of the Ingress. They bring the real classical magic of the Nintendo in this game.  Pokémon Go is full of adventure in which you will visit outside and roam around. It will make your Pokémon trainer. Basically, the game is all about converting the city into the video based scene where you can easily communicate. With the help of GPS, the avatar in the game will be with you wherever you move and you need to go out to catch the Pokémon. The whole game play is optimized in a perfect manner along with its unique interface. The most important part of the game is that there are number of Pokémon waiting to be caught.

ü  Some Pokémon are near the natural surroundings. They are kind of water and found in lakes and oceans
ü  Go to Poke Stops where you will see the amazing places such as museums, installations of art, makers of history and tombstones. In these places, the Poke balls and other useful items are being stocked.
ü  As you proceed in the game, you will receive stronger Pokémon to finish your Pokedex
ü  The hatched eggs of Pokémon are added in your collection which is dependent on how much you walk
ü  Select the Buddy Pokémon with whom you can walk and earn the Candy which makes your Pokémon more powerful
ü  Your Charmandar changes to Charmelon and then later Charizard. So face the battle to hit the gym and give task to your Pokémon to win.

ü  Updated: new version
ü  Version: latest
ü   Size: varies with devices

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