Download Hempire Weed Growing Game Moded Apk For Android

Hempire weed growing is the game all about growing the weeds. Start your working and make it into the large Hempire. For downloading the Hempire Weed growing game, click on the link below and start playing this game on your devices. Keep harvesting your plants, make friends and be the leader of whole city to win the game. You need to keep an eye on your crops. Keep in mind that you need to face the dishonest cops and business men. Aid the old ladies who bake the brownies. Once you have understand all the tactics regarding the game, it will be definitely full of fun and entertainment for you.

ü  Cultivate famous cannabis species beginning from the basics such as Northern lights and Chemdawg
ü  Lab needs to be used for breeding and exploring the new breeds
ü  Technique need to be applied for extracting various items from the marijuana such as hash and shatter. It also includes items which can be eaten like cookies and brownies
ü  Along with the growth of your business, keep customizing your tools, lights and generators
ü  Deals need to be done along the characters present in the game. They will explore new features and crops
ü  Earn large amount of cash through selling the pot products in dispensary
ü  Investments need to be done in the businesses locally which will help in the development of your city
ü  Begin with a single bud and flourish your business. It will be your Hempire.
ü  The competition can also be held with other players. To win the Hempire Cup, challenge the players to cultivate the best quality of weed and be the winner

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