Download Disk digger Apk for Android

Here android users can Disk Digger Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Disk Digger Apk for android, the link is provided. Disk Digger is an application which helps in recovering your restored photos on your android phone. If you have delete any picture accidentally or lost them while installing an application so no need to worry about it. This application helps in recovering and save them again in the memory of your device. The files which are recovered can be uploaded directly on the Google Drive, Dropbox or send them through email. The usage of this application is simple and easy to use. You need to select the partition in your android from which you need to recover the pictures and press on the ‘scan’ button. The total duration of this process is just a couple of seconds or it might take few minutes. Actually, it depends on the size of the partition. But keep in mind, the free version of the Disk Digger helps in recovering the files only in JPG and PNG formats. The Pro Version helps in recovering the below formats: MP4, MP4A, 3GP, MOV, GIF, MP3, AMR, WAV, TIF, CR2, NEF, DCR, PEF, DNG, ORF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PDF, XPS, ODT, ODS, ODP, ODG, ZIP, APK, and EPUB. Disk Digger is definitely an amazing recover application for files which carry out its processes in an easy way. Unlike to similar applications, it helps in recovering the photos without any trouble.

ü  If your device is not rooted, the application performs limited scans for deleting the photos through cache and thumbnails
ü  If the device is being rooted, the application searches everything in the memory of your device such as tracing photos as well as videos
ü  Updated: 28th Jan, 2017
ü  Version: 1.0-2017-01-28
ü   Size:  0.92 MB

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