Download Shadow Guardian HD APK for Android

Here android users can Shadow Guardian HD Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Shadow Guardian HD Apk for android, the link is provided. Shadow Guardian HD is a game which is full of action and excitement in which the player has to search the old artifact that has unique powers. It holds the endless power. On natural basis, no one will be interested in such thing and now the soldiers are in a rush to search this amazing artifact. They want to avail advantages of its power. In order to stop this, a hero is sent named Jason Coll. He will save the mankind from the dangers from the influence of Prima Materia. There are armed forces following on the heels so the hero has to rush. The way is not clear as it seems to be. There are ruins of Egypt, temples below the level of water along with the plains of Antarctica. The dangers are not few but the goal is very important and the first priority. The player has to go on the road and the lucky star will help him. There are variety of tasks that need to be completed as well as enemies need to be faced. Keep using different kinds of weapons and techniques of martial arts. Don’t allow the greedy armed forces to capture your power.

ü  The game has amazing graphics
ü  Great sound and music effects
ü  Discover the secrets and keep moving ahead
ü  Deal with deadly missions
ü  Play in the beautiful locations of the world
ü  Shoot your enemies so they got killed
ü  Use various kinds of equipment and weapons
ü  The story present in the game is very interesting
ü  Updated: 5/31/2017
ü  Version:  1.0.6
ü  Size: 328 MB

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