Download Final Kick Apk for Android

Here android users can Final Kick Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Final Kick Apk for android, the link is provided. Final Kick is a football game which focuses on the developments that are full of excitements. There is a penalty shootout in which the two teams take ten shoots on the goal from the distance of eleven meters. Apart from other games, the players in this game don’t just shoot penalties but as well as block the goal keeper to move around. The whole game play is simple enough to understand. Slide the finger in such direction so you can shoot the ball or move the goal keeper. In this game, your players can play in multiplayer tournaments against any team through internet connection. Additionally, you can play 20 various tournaments against your own opponents. As you progress in the tournament, changes can be made in the lineup of the team along with the appearance and capabilities. This game is definitely full of entertainment where you enjoy quick matches in small duration.

ü  Wonderful and realistic graphics in the game
ü  Real animations through the usage of modern technology captured in motion
ü  Easy and simple controls like shooting the ball from the finger and dragging the goalkeeper
ü  A multiplayer game against friends or search a opponent to check how well you can play the game
ü  There are also 100 soccer teams to play against you which are available offline
ü  Make your own team, customize them and train to progress the skills
ü  Play free tournaments every week and check your capabilities against the world. You can also win the prizes among the top 100

ü  Updated: Apr 26, 2017
ü  Version:  6.0
ü  Size:  93.63 MB

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