Rummy - Offline Apk Download for Android Mobiles and Tablets

Here android users can Rummy - Offline Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Rummy - Offline Apk for android, the link is provided below. Rummy – Offline in now available on android devices in high quality. You can easily play this game for free anywhere and anytime without any connection of internet or Wi-Fi. In this card game, you need to join the elements like rummy 500, Indian Rummy, board game okey and mahjong. Rummy-offline is similar to many puzzle games such as Klondike, solitaire, spider and free cell solitaire. In this game, you need to match the cards of the same sequence. Its main aim is to build the melds which possess the sets or arrangement of the cards in a proper sequence. Rummy match is among the famous forms of rummy. Generally, this game is played between two players and each of them receives ten cards. You need to score more and more points than your opponents. The main strategy of the game is the player need to form melds and get rid of deadwood. The game comes to an end as soon as cards are transformed into the melds and lay them down on the table. According to the rules, the player can only knock until and unless he can ten points or less points of deadwood.

ü  Amazing competitors
ü  Wonderful graphics along with the fully smooth gameplay
ü  Play as much as you want to play without any internet connection
ü  The whole game is full of fun, excitement and entertainment
ü  The challenging game for the players who possess a lot of skills
ü  The game is based on the titles
ü  Millions and millions of the chips can be earned if you are an amazing player of rummy

ü  Updated: Jul 18,2016
ü   Version: 1.0.3
ü  Size:  14.79 MB

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