Medical Dictionary Offline Apk Download for Android

Here android users can download, Medical Dictionary Offline Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Medical Dictionary Offline Apk for android, the link is provided below. Medical Dictionary Offline is among the famous tools available for the doctors. The meanings of the technical terms or specific definition are found very easily through application. It also allows you to browse the medicines along with its usage depending on the condition of the patient. Medical Dictionary Offline is specially designed for the medical student as it is very helpful in their studies. You can also find symptoms along with the treatment in detail. It is definitely very good handy book for the medical students and doctors needed during their practice. New words can also be added in the dictionary through which you can expand your database as well. It helps in learning the medical terms easily who belong to this field. Each and every application is mentioned in simple words which can be understood in a simple manner. This application has received 4 stars. Indeed, a very useful application for the people who belong to medical profession.

ü  All the diseases are arranged in alphabetical order so it is easy to find whatever you want to
ü  Whole collection is of 40.000 words and medical words
ü  Facts, causes, symptoms and treatment of each and every disease is mentioned
ü  Any disease can be bookmarked which can be helpful for later use
ü  Multiple screen support is also available
ü  It supports all latest and old versions
ü  Overall application is very user-friendly
ü  The interface is very nice and beautiful
ü  browsing is very efficient and fast even it is a single word

ü  Updated:Jun 1,2015
ü   Version: 1.0
ü  Size:  3.18 MB

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