Download Offline Browser Apk for Android

Here android users can Offline Browser Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Offline Browser Apk for android, the link is provided below. Offline browser is the best browser which is used for the downloading the websites for the offline browsing. You can easily download the number of web pages which are needed and later the content can be browsed. This application also allows you to open the HTML files which are saved in the SD card from your computer. The number of links per page and maximum links per website can also increase. If the website is available in mobile version, use the URL of mobile version. The user need to disable the JavaScript. In some areas, the user agent needs to be changed like:  Firefox, IE, iPhone or some complex websites, the number of links to download need to be limited from the option: "Only links containing the text. If you want to download more number of links, increase the “depth level”. The users have rated these application 4 stars. But still it needs improvements in some areas.

ü  The whole websites can be downloaded when online and are browsed when offline
ü  Options are available for selecting the number of links and images to download, changing the user agent and enable/disable JavaScript
ü  On a single click, all the sites can be downloaded and updated which are being needed
ü  You will receive Wi-Fi or 3G alert if there is no internet connection before starting the download
ü  Saves huge amount of money and mobile internet traffic
ü  This application doesn’t work where there is a need of authentication. For example: Facebook, Gmail, bank account and with YouTube

ü  Updated: Nov 8, 2016
ü   Version: 5.6
ü  Size:  1.38 MB