Zenonia S offline Apk + Data Download for Android

Here android users can download, Zenonia S offline Apk and Data for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Zenonia S offline Apk + Data for android, the link is provided below. In Zenonia S offline apk, the player has to kill his thousands of enemies throughout the adventurous journey. After the completion of the missions, your character will reach to the new levels. At this stage, various attributes are improved and skills are gained. Players are also allowed to visit a common city where they can communicate with the other players as well. Along with the adventure, this game also seems a world which is full of fantasy to the players. Guide your hero in different locations. The mechanics of the game are maintained on regular basis. In the previous games of Zenonia, there were four classes to play with which were: Berserker, Mechanic, Wizard and Paladin. All these were fast paced but the art work of Zenonia S is definitely breath taking. It has been noticed that Zenonia S asks for Superuser permissions on the android devices. The player need to gain highly effective skills to play this game.

ü  Fight with the monsters, make friends and punish the opponents from your smart phone
ü  In the Monster Wave mode, your survival skills can be tested
ü  Discover the world of Zenonia S in all over the nine realms
ü  Among the characters of Zenonia S, select your favorite
ü  Wake up your hero and cross all the boundaries
ü  Customizations can be done using the 300 pieces of the equipment
ü  The effect of the weapons, armor, and accessories is increased through different changes
ü  The game is full of great graphics
ü  Full of fun and energetic system of battle

ü  Updated:Feb 6. 2017
ü   Version: 3.2.0
ü  Size:  38.54 MB

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