Wishbone - Compare Anything Apk for Android mobiles and tablets

Here android users can download, Wishbone Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Wishbone Apk for andriod, the link is provided below. Wishbone is among the fastest growing social platforms. The tagline of the application is “Compare Anything” which is exactly the purpose of the application. The latest social content can be compared and see which trend is going nowadays. Through this application, you can not only select your option but as well view the options chosen by your friends. This provides you a start and help in discussing the specific topics going viral in the world nowadays. It can compare anything whether it is humor, fashion, celebrities, sports, music and many more. There is also a community feed which provide you 20 questions every day so you can talk about anything and everything under it. You can also create your own Wishbone and share among your friends. New Home is designed for the Wishbone application.


ü  This application is simple and easy to use
ü  It is full of amazing HD graphics along with good quality of sound
ü  Switching from PC to mobile is easy as the progress is saved. It is s a single application on two different platforms for your facility
ü  Better user experience using the mobile device. Andy is added as a bonus feature which definitely makes the application cool
ü  The latest versions are now available so no need to update it by yourself as it will be automatically for you
ü  The performance of the application is improved a lot
ü  More options of sharing are now available
ü  Your friends can be find easily and in more convenient manner

ü  Updated:Jan 23, 2017
ü   Version: 5.2.2
ü  Size:  23.42 MB

Download link: