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My Verizon Apk Download for Android Mobiles

Here android users can download My Verizon Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download My Verizon Apk for android, the link is provided below. My Verizon is an application which is full of tools. It allows managing your account of Verizon. Within the application, you can check the number of minutes used or data, checking the features of your phone and changing the wireless plan. My Verizon apk is not always connected and the widget of the data needs the manual update. The icon of widget on the screen is of no use. For the accessibility to the account, My Verizon is only the option that is available on your mobile. For much better experiences, this application sends you updates of your usage of data along with results, accessing the location services for pay the bills, suggesting you the plans for travelling and using of Bluetooth for the enhancement of in-store experience. The best part of the application is providing controls and lessens the work along with the new plan of Verizon. 

ü  All the details of your account, data and bill are present in one feed along with your personalized products and content presented for you
ü  Your own data controlling center. You can clearly view the amount of data used, who has been using and how much more it is needed
ü  The most convenient way to browse, buy and customizing the latest devices can be done easily without leaving the application
ü  In the application, queries are solved with instant responses without calling for help
ü  The simplified bill is displayed which shows details of very month. Study and within few taps, the bill can be paid

ü  Updated:May 18, 2016
ü   Version: 2.0.1
ü  Size:  5.26 MB

Download link:

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