Download Mine Blitz Apk for Android

Here android users can download Mine Blitz Apk for their android
mobile phones and tablets here. To download Mine Blitz Apk for
android, the link is provided below. The makers of Century City
present Mine Blitz, a game with no end developed for the android
devices. The concept of the game is quite simple as the player has
to dig, collect the gold and go in depth as much as possible into
the mine.  You need to cross the hurdles like bombs and spikes.
The character keep moving back and forth whenever he digs into the
square automatically. If the tapping is done in a faster way, the
digging is also increases. He can move to the next level in a
straight shot if there are no obstacles. In every level, you need
to activate the check point so it helps you in restarting from the
point from where you left. The coins can be spending on them if
you want to. You can also skip the advertisement video and proceed
To the next level with no delays and no spending of coins. Every
Hour, you also receive a free skip level. If you have sued the
Skip level, you don’t need to wait for the timer to finish. The
Cheating is also allowed at this time but once the time is set so
The game is back to normal.

The game is full of adventure and challenges inside the gold
Mine-with traps, bombs, pikes and dungeon creatures which need to
Be managed by the player
Player has to utilize the trick shots within the timings to get
The treasures of gold
The graphics of the game is simply stunning with one-touch
Brings happiness many times

Updated: Varies with devices
Version: Varies with devices
Size:  Varies

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