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Here android users can download Zenonia 5 Apk offline for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Zenonia 5 apk for android, the link is provided below. In Zenonia 5 offline, the player has to play the role of any one of the four heroes and save the world of magic of Zenonia. The battles in the game occur in real time. You need to utilize all your skills to face the enemies and discover the adventures. After completing the missions and defeating the enemies, your skills are upgraded and proceed to the higher levels. The player learns the new skills as he is equipped with armors and weapons. The warrior’s appearance can be customized along with their statistics. This game is definitely worth-watching. It always come with a surprise to the player with its amazing graphics and dynamic system of battle. Zenonia 5 also offers PvP mode in which the players mask as the characters in the battle arena. Logically, the reward is awarded to the winner and the loser is injured and wounded. Defeat the enemies and resolve all the mysteries with HD graphics.


ü  Full of action sequences along with synchronization in tunes and reactions
ü  The game is experience through 4 heroes: Berserker, Mechanic, Wizard and Paladin. Each hero has special strengths and moves
ü  You can customize and proceed to the upcoming levels through various options and chart of the skills. They are delivered into the mystery of Deva Castle
ü  Face the challenges and play with the players from across the world
ü  As soon as you discover the legendary items are discovers, player can reap his rewards
ü  The challenges and story of the game is endless

ü  Updated: Feb 14, 2016
ü   Version:  1.2.1
ü  Size:  46.11 MB 

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