Trivia Crack Apk Download for Android Mobiles

Here android users can download Trivia Crack Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Trivia Crack Apk for android, the link is provided below. Trivia Crack is a game which has been developed by the Etermax who are the creators of the famous game named Angry Words. This game is basically to identify the game play to the well-known Trviados. The game is quite easy and simple. Basically, the players need to enter in turns by answering the questions and submit their answers on the net. The main aim is to give more correct answers than the opponents. Apart from the normal games, you can play the game in duels and give challenges to your friends. The game consists of more than 90,000 questions divided into 6 categories. Additionally, you will receive 4 power ups if you are in a difficult situation. You don’t need to abuse the developers of the game at this stage because they don’t want to expose your skills in such a way. The best part of the game is its visual effects. Trivia Crack is very lively and full of fun game. All the characters are very colorful with a smile on your face. This game is actually multiplayer trivia game in which the questions need to answered as much as you can.


ü  Thousands of exciting questions are available in the game
ü  You can also make questions by yourself in the Factory
ü  There are 20 game languages available
ü  Allow you to chat with your competitors
ü  Card collection can be collected
ü  Learn and progress your skills during playing the game
ü  Make your parents proud by showing them intelligence

ü  Updated: Dec 22, 2016
ü  Version:  2.26.0
ü  Size:  56.69 MB

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