Angry Birds 2 Apk Download for Android Mobiles and Tablets

Here android users can download Angry Birds 2 Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Angry Birds 2 Apk for android, the link is provided below. Angry Birds 2 is an official and sequel of a very popular game “Angry Birds”. It is among the games which are downloaded the most. Unlike to the Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio, this game is updated with some new features. The improved graphics in this game attract the game lovers towards it. It gives the feeling like you are watching cartoon. In each and every level, you can select the bird of your choice. The multiplayer feature is a new addition to this game. In Angry Birds 2, friends can be challenged online tournaments can be played. It shows who has launched the best birds. This video game is definitely full of entertainment and attractions. The classical elements are updated and redefined a lot. Angry Birds 2 is full of addiction which is keep you hooked for hours for sure.


ü  Use your wisdom to select the bird. Destroy the blocks and earn extra birds
ü  On the piggy island, bad guys exist there and sling shot skills are needed to defeat them
ü  The players from all over the world can be challenged and watch who is the most bird flinger among them
ü  On daily basis, new tournaments are being played and feathers are earned to level up the birds
ü  Foreman Pig, Chef Pig and the infamous King Pig keep stopping you to keep the eggs
ü  The toughest challenges that arrives on every level need to be faced
ü  The game can be directly to the social networking websites which is made for the audience who are above the age of 13

ü  Updated: Dec 5, 2016
ü   Version:
ü  Size:  121 MB

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