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Download Taichi Panda APK File and get new up to date exciting episodes of the most favorite journey of Taichi Panda. By downloading Taichi Panda APK you will enjoy Taichi panda is an amazing and addictive game with fantastic and attractive graphics and special effects. If you are looking for an amazing game with 3D graphics with excellent motion, just download Taichi Panda APK and enjoy distinct and thrilling game with 6 unique heroes to defeat enemies to become ultimate champion of Avzar. You can download Taichi Panda file APK for Android and Apple operating systems and can enjoy a unique game with quality graphics.
Game Features:
  • Taichi Panda has multi hand touch screen control system.
  • An option of virtual joystick will allow players to control the direction
  • Option Buttons for attack and for adding skills are on the right hand side.
  • A large button in the center is for the basic attack.
  • After unlocking the war pet rare skill, skill will appear in net level as well.
  • Multiple team options will enable players to play in teams and also has option to switch into desired team by clicking on an icon on left side on screen.

Game characters:
  • Verney is a new pet added in Taichi panda 2.19
  • Master Mao and Earth Guardian have new moves and outfits as pet enhancement
  • Land of Hermit is a new toughest instance.
  • Edge of Survival is a new cross battle mode.
  • Red Dragon Baby talisman is cool in feature with powerful attributes
  • Steam Motorcycle with double-seat mount is added
  • To raise Qilin a New demigod added in games
  • The function of wing transformation and inset is part of this game with runes unlock options

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