Jungle Heat Apk Files Download Latest Version

Download Jungle Heat 1.11.3 APK for free and enjoy jungle heat game. If you are interested in playing war and fighting games, Jungle heat is best for you, so Download Jungle Heat 1.11.3 APK and get pleasure from Jungle heat game. Jungle heat is a thrilling game that can be played on any android device and also on social network. Jungle heat has excellent and creative concept with great features of battle depiction.
Depiction of Battle scenario, military equipment, and natural jungle is excellent through detailed graphics. Weapons, forces and buildings are adding special excitement on game users. Thus one of reason for large lovers of this game is creative and skill full graphics. Now you can enjoy great battle for the jungle treasure by Downloading Jungle Heat 1.11.3 APK using the link given below. Oil and Gold treasures are under attack, you have to free the native wealthy people, so they will fight against looters of Oil and Gold. The treasure will be protected in your command. So, to win the battle, keep hiring strong troops and building protective wall.Jungle heat has many creative and attractive effects for user; user can make inconvertible military fort to fight with other players.
Features of Jungle Heat Apk:
  • It is a simple game with fun and thrill: battles are simple and different at each stage. 
  • Awesome game tactics: can plan defense plan by putting base, upgrade buildings and troops.
  • Battle forces: can attack or take revenge on opponent
  • Arrangement of army as great forceful heroes: user can arrange forces of different capacities and powers to change battle strategies.
  • Battle fight is similar to old war movies
  • User can play game independently and also in group.
  • User can play game on social network as well
  • Bright and colorful graphics are creating real jungle effects
  • Background music is adding thrilling atmosphere in game.

Details of Jungle Heat Apk:
  • Name of game: Jungle Heat War
  • Developers: MY.com.B.V
  • Version of Game: 1.11.3
  • Games needs: Android 4.0.3
  • Category: Strategy game
  • Size of game: 62.12MBs
  • Contact: jungle-heat@corp.my.com