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Download chess free APK 2.52 and practice your intelligence. Chess Free is best chess game for chess lovers. Those who want to play chess on an android device can easily get the chess free app by downloading chess free APK 2.52. Chess Free APK 2.52 is famous chess app liked by many people around the world. Chess Free is for all type of users, such as a learner and expert, both can enjoy Chess free. User can select level, according to his/her level of expertise. For learners a first class tutor is a guide as well as a teacher to learn smart chess tricks and expert users can play with difficult and high level opponent. Chess Free is open game with great features.Chess free is totally free for its user, to get this app you have to Download chess free APK 2.52 by clicking on given link you are interested in mind games, start downloading and get this app and enjoy it.
Features of Chess Free Apk:
  • Chess free is free app
  • Chess free is friendly with all android device (mobile phones and tablets)
  • Chess free has twelve levels from learners’ levels to expert level
  • Chess free has two modes (casual and Pro), Casual mode is for learner and Pro is for experts.
  • Chess free has tutor option for learners
  • Chess free has an option that helps User in taking good moves.
  • Chess free system plays chess according to the user moves
  • Chess Free has option of two players hot-seat, where you user can play with anyone next to him/her.
  • Chess free has great option of Show CPU thinking Option for level the and above, that gives User chance to save achievement and ranking at leader boards.
  • Chess free has ELO rating is to allow user to his/her game performance any time
Details of Chess Free APK:
  • Name of game: Chess Free
  • Version of game: 2.52
  • Developed by: Al factory Limited
  • Needs: Android 4.1 or up
  • Size: 3MBs
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Contact:

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