Top 10 Android Flashlights Free Download APK for Android Mobiles and Tablets

Smart Flashlight APK
Smart Flashlight is developed for your android devices which use your device’s camera backside LED or Flash to works as a torch. With this, you don’t need to worry if electricity will be gone, and if your kids and are afraid of darkness, then Smart Flashlight will be there to give you a very bright light by using your android flash or LED. Therefore we have provided a downloading link of Smart Flashlight APK files; you can download Smart Flashlight for you android from given blow links.
Key Features
Very fast startup
Save device battery
Look screen
Take pictures
Nice bubbles in your Home screen
Download Smart Flashlight APK Click Here

TeslaLED Flashlight
TeslaLed Flashlight is another app for android mobiles and tablets for helps to turn your phones into torch, but to use this app your devices must have camera flash light or LED. Tesla Led Flashlight have lots of features like it allows you to place a widget on your devices screen, it also use screen to give enough light. You can download TeslaLed Flashlight for your android devices form given blow link.
Key Features
Does not require root
Saves battery
Free to use
Download TeslaLed Flashlight APK ClickHere

Fun Torch Flashlight
As mentioned in name that, Fun torch it’s really transforms your android into own flashlight by using its unique features. This app removes darkness, in absence of light. Therefore, we have brought full working APK files of Fun Torch Flash light for your android devices. You can download from given below links and fun with light flashing.
Key Features
Saves battery
Very bright light
Awesome interface
Takes pictures
Download Fun Torch APK ClickHere

 Torch - Tiny Flashlight
Due to its incredible features of Torch - Tiny Flashlight app is most downloaded and high rated app for android devices. This app has very simple interface and very easy to use, this app also use your flash light or LED to give you a very bright flash light on your android mobiles and as well as tablets. You can download Torch - Tiny Flashlight APK for your android from given below links
Key Features
 Free to download
Very simple interface
High startup
Very high bright light
Download Torch - Tiny Flashlight APK Click Here

Color Flashlight
Turn your android devices into torch by downloading latest version Color Flashlight APK files on your mobiles and tablets. This app, gives you different and unique experience as compare to other Flashlight apps. This app can change your device screen brightness and it does also have a police light along with siren. Let’s download this app on your android mobiles ad tablets’ from given provided links.
Key Features
Police light along with siren
Fun, means it have text, strobe, candle light
Battery saving
Change the color of flashlight
Download Fun Flashlight APK ClickHere

Torch Flashlight LED HD
Torch Flashlight LED HD is another most popular torch app for android mobiles and tablets, it’s also known as flashlight app camera. This is most popular because its supports all types of android devices and easily runs on it. This app is totally free; you can download Torch Flashlight LED HD apk files from given below links.
Key Features
Very small in size
Use camera LED
Set timer
Elegant design
Download Torch Flashlight LED HD APK Click Here

High-Powered Torch
 Here is another flashing tool for your androids, download the latest version APK files of High-Power Torch on your mobiles and enjoy the flashing light. The best features of this app are that, I has built-in compass through which you can move in given direction. Therefore, download the latest version APK files of High-Power Torch for your mobiles form mentioned link.
Key Features
Brightest LED
Built-in Compass
Free to download
Awesome look
Download High-Power APK ClickHere

Super-Bright LED Flashlight
This Super-Bright LED Flashlight android app for flashing light is developed by Surpax Technology Inc. This app supports all types of android mobiles, so download the apk files of Super-Bright LED Flashlight from given blow link and removes the darkness from your life’s.
Key Features
Free to download
Very fast in startup
Easy to use
Very bright light
Download Super-Bright LED Flashlight Apk ClickHere

Brightest Flashlight
Brightest Flashlight will help you to bring the bright during absence of electricity. This android app can take pictures, saves battery, mange phones call and many more. Therefore, due to its high and quality features, we have brought the latest version Apk files of Brightest Flashlight for android devices; you can download it from blow links.
Key Features
Free to download
Saves battery
Optimize your device
Widget for home screen
Download Brightest Flashlight Apk Click Here

Droidlight LED Flashlight
Droidlight LED Flashlight is one best and perfect app for your android devices. This app supports many types of android devices. Now, download Droidlight LED Flashlight for android mobiles and tablets form given blow link, through which you can download free Apk files of Droidlight LED Flashlight.
Key Features 
Free to download
Most download app
Save device battery
Easy to use
Download Droidlight LED Flashlight Apk Click Here