Clash of Clans Latest Version APK Files for Android

Clash of Clans was updated on 7, 2015 and now you available here, you can download free latest version APK files of Clash of Clans for on your Android mobiles and Android Tablets. We have provided free fully working Clash of Clans APK files to download from below mentioned links; you will see that links by scrolling the page down. Before going on direct download of this game, let’s have a look on some cool features of the Clash of Clans and gain some more idea about it. The game is developed by the Supercell and provide free to play and also available “app-in-purchase” but on our site you will get the free downloading APK files. The game is totally free to play, but some of items are also can be purchased by real money, if you don’t what to buy the item then please disable the app-in-purchase option from your Android device settings. The game is full of adventures and action game, this game is same as Boom beach and Castle Clash in these games you have to make your own states and army by using different resources and material provided in the game, when your army is ready then you have given a chance to fight ageist the enemies by using useful strategies. Same as it is Clash of Clans v 7.65.5 is also strategic game and you need to fight against the enemies by attacking on their villages to become more power and also to enter in to another higher levels. Clash of Clans v 7.65.5 has lots of interesting levels which are full of hurdles and complexities; you will really enjoy the game while playing this action full game on your Android devices. In latest version of Clash of Clans new features are added by the developers, like in the new version you can protect your troops and villages from flying enemies by using new defense tool which is added in latest version, along with this you can save up-to 30 clans of your desire selection. Other best features are the 3D graphics of this game, and the developers give full concentration to give their extreme real look to characters, background, villagers, troops, you will see when you will download and play this game on your Android devices.
Features of Clash of Clans
  • Latest version of Clash of Clans v 7.65.5 is totally free to play, you can easily get the APK files for your Android devices and Android Tablets from given below links below.   
  • In the game you have to build your own village and troops for fight against the dangerous opponents and enemies, in the game you got the extra point for playing nicely by using strategies.      
  • Game is implemented by 14 units and exciting multiple levels, for entering in these higher levels you need to score more points by collecting coins, money and other resources.                                                                                                                          
  • Clash of Clans v 7.65.5 gives you to play with latest Guns, Bombs, Cannons, Mortars and many more amazing fighting tools.                                                                             
  • In Clash of Clans to increase your own army strength, you have to find your troops and by joining them you can build unlimited fighters, army, and horses.                          
  • Clash of Clans v 7.65.5 graphics quality is really awesome, the game characters, horses, fighting tools and other game component is nicely designed by the developers to provide a quality game on your Android devices.                                                          
  • Clash of Clans v 7.65.5 supports all the android devices, when you download and run this game it’s automatically detects your device and displays the game according to your devices type and screen.                                                                                           
  • Clash of Clans control is very simple and you can very easily control the game at just single swipe on your devices screen.

Download links Clash of Clans v 7.65.5 for Android Devices
Here is the place, where you can download the APK files of Clash of Clans v 7.65.5 for your Android devices and tablets free of cost. Now download this challenging and addictive game on your Androids from given links below.

Clash of Clans Latest Version APK (Google Play Store)