Download Score Hero Moded Apk for Android

Score hero is the soccer game on your devices in which instead of handling whole team, you only need to control single player. To play Score Hero on your android phone, simply click on the link given below and start playing soccer as one player. You only need to take part in number of plays of every match. In few matches, you need to keep trying for the goals while in others you might win the game through scoring the winning goal at the last moment. The main concept of the game is to contribute in the main moments of the game whether through scoring or helping. The interesting part of this game is that it is arranged into the sequence of levels which are divided into the seasons. In every level, you can easily earn stars from one to three. But in some levels, you have to score goals to get three stars. The controls of this game are simple enough. You only need to slide your finger on the screen for tracing the way of the ball.

ü  More than 500 levels
ü  Be the winner and receive awards, trophies, make goals and symbolize your country
ü  Easy and simple to play
ü  Extraordinary 3D graphics and animations
ü  Allow to customize the looks of your hero and make it different from the rest
ü  Can be connected with your Facebook account and play against your friends
ü  The achievements and leaderboard of Google Play is present to see who is on the top position
ü  The progress can be synchronized easily between the devices through the help of Google Play Cloud
ü  Keep taking chances to score the goals and be the hero

ü  Updated: Jun 16, 2017
ü  Version: 1.61
ü   Size:  91.20 MB

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