Full Quran mp3 Offline Apk Download Free for Android

Here android users can download, Full Quran mp3 Offline Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Full Quran mp3 Offline Apk for android, the link is provided below. Full Quran mp3 Offline is a wonderful application to listen the Holy Quran without any internet connection or Wi-Fi. The size of the application is very small so it can be downloaded easily without any delay.  All the Surahs are available in audio. You can play the audio or move to the next Surah just by a simple touch. It also displays the translation and transliteration. Go to any page and simply listen the Holy Quran. It gets pause automatically or resumes on call/ SMS. It is spontaneously pause whenever the application is closed. The MP3 files of every Surah is available as the Quran is divided into parts. The quality of the audio is also great as commented by the users of the application. Definitely great efforts are applied in developing this application. It also helpful for kids to memorize the Surahs easily. Muslims are delighted with this application as it keeps them connected with the Holy Quran. This application has received 4.6 stars. The designing of the application has been improved to some extent which was required by the application. All the bugs that exist in the application are also fixed now. .


ü  Full Quran is available in audio without any internet connection
ü  Quran mp3 offline is freely available for download
ü  Recite and listen the Quran offline
ü  Audio is available in the voice of abdul rahman al sudais along with urdu translation
ü  All Surahs are available in Mp3 and play the audio

ü  Updated:Nov 8, 2016
ü   Version: 2.1.1
ü  Size:  74.95 MB

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